The Aeroball Floats, Glows, and Purifies Your Home

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Do you wish you had tiny bubbles that floated around your house, cleaning and filtering your air? If so, the Aeroball is for you.

The Electrolux Design Lab 2012 competition brought together some of the worlds brightest minds with some tantalizingly innovative ideas.

The winner of the competition was the Aeroball, designed by Polish student and designer Jan Ankiersztajn.

Ankiersztajn wanted to bring something useful and modern to the home.

His creation, the Aeroball, is a helium-filled air freshener.

The aeroball floats around your home purifying the air and giving off a futuristic and clean vibe.

It comes in a number of different scent flavors to freshen things up the way you like.

The aeroball scores some real style points too, absorbing light during the day and glowing like a firefly at night.

As a prize, Jan will receive a six-month internship with Electrolux Design Center, as well as a cash stipend.

Though it’s just a concept now, the aeroball has been met with critical acclaim and will hopefully become commercially viable soon.

Electrolux via Inhabitat



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    Oh sure, what about liability issues, your guest inhales one or worse, somebody loses an eye! Actually this sounds pretty amazing and a little annoying unless you can confine the bubbles to a certain location. I am thinking the natural invention extension will be the “bubble swatter”.


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