Vacuum Balloon: Can We Fly Using Nothing As Fuel?

Written by Maria Gomez on . Posted in Gadgets, Science, Technology


Image Credit: Vivid Light

Flight has fascinated humanity for ages. We’re always looking for the perfect recipe to get airborne affordably and effectively.

A balloons lifting force is a function of how much air it displaces, so technically the less air inside the apparatus, the better.

Does it make sense that a vacuum of nothingness could create a perfect flight method here in our atmosphere? Is such a device, a vacuum balloon, attainable?

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Comments (2)

  • Kool Boy


    Damn i almost understand nothing! Maybe cause eglish is not my native tongue + physics …………
    All i understand is when we put some air ito a ballon it’s weight lighter than before????


    • Mike Awada


      Absolutely, the lighter the better. As we understand science today, the lightest we can get would be to create a vacuum in the balloon. The problem is getting it to not collapse on itself!


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