VW Hover Car Inspires New Way Of Thinking

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If you have yet to see the video of VW’s “Hover Car Concept”, it’s definitely worth the few minutes. Volkswagen translates to ‘the people’s car’, and the levitating car idea was the result of user submissions.

For the concept to realistically work, it would require electromagnetic strips built into our roads to generate levitation via electromagnetic levitation. VW is not currently in a position to manufacture vehicles like this, though the contest and publicity generated were stellar for the company image.

The idea of a hovercraft or hovercar has been the subject of science fiction for decades, and the way things are heading, it’s not farfetched to think that we could see something like this in the relatively near future. After all, the flying car is here, and so is the self-driving one.

This idea inspires a reevaluation of our current sources of energy and transportation. The way we’re transporting ourselves and our goods is unsustainable, and we’re generally far too content to push for change. We’re obviously light years away from where we were 100 years ago, but it’s astounding to think that we could still be light years away from our potential.

Moving beyond our current dependence on oil, how long will it be until wind, solar and hydropower become outdated? Could the future of energy involve power generated solely from what mother nature, science or God has provided for us?

We’re slowly learning how to tap into the natural forces and elements located deep beneath the Earth’s surface. Magnets and air definitely hold potential, but could we soon understand gravity to the point where we can simply select a level of counteraction and use it to propel us around the globe? Today that may still seem like fiction, but with the way we’re thinking and manipulating physics, you know that anything is possible.

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