Zero Gravity Tour of the International Space Station

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“I haven’t sat down for six months now.” -Sunita Williams

Ever wondered what it would be like to float around on the International Space Station?

Commander Suni Williams gives us that very chance, taking us on a personal, in-depth tour of the ISS. We get to feast our eyes on where people snooze, how they pump iron, how they maneuver about the giant craft, what types of Bill Nye inspired science experiments are conducted and even how they use the bathroom. The video was recorded this week, twelve hours before Ms. Williams headed back to Earth, which probably explains why she’s in such a good mood.

Touring the International Space Station

On Earth we may not be able to get along with each other, but on the ISS, people from all over the world live together in perfect zero gravity harmony.¬†Launched in November of 1998, the 100,000 lb., 30,000 cu. ft. ISS is a modern marvel, traveling nearly 5 miles per second at an altitude of 230 miles above the Earth’s surface. It orbits the Earth nearly sixteen times per day!

The $150 billion craft lives and breathes in space. You’d be surprised just how massive, seemingly unorganized and perplexing everything is. If you have some time to sit down and watch the entire video, it’s some really fascinating stuff and worth every minute. If you don’t have 25 minutes to burn, I suggest skimming the following times: 1:30, 3:43, 5:09, 9:09, 12:02, 13:35, 15:00, 16:40, 18:00, 20:43, 22:38. Cheers.

Here’s a bonus compilation of high speed video taken from aboard the ISS, with audio from actual ISS astronauts.



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